Connect 2017: Special topics for Business Leaders

This year we bring together an impressive group of industry leaders and subject matter experts to address topics from staffing and retention challenges to best practices in financial management. The ten sessions cover some of the most pressing issues facing the construction industry today.

Maximizing Surety and Banking Credit–Joe Natarelli, Marcum LLP, will discuss maximizing contractor bonding capacity, contractor benchmarking analyses, and contractor best practices.

Tax Planning Strategies for Construction Contractors–Barry Fischman, Marcum, LLP presents tax planning opportunities inherent within the construction industry, including a discussion of:

  • Internal Revenue Code Section 460
  • Large and small contractors
  • Income tax accounting methods available to contractors
  • Changes in accounting methods
  • Tax law changes and updates impacting the contractor

The ABC Safety Performance Report–Michael Bellaman, ABC, reveals ABC’s third Safety Performance Report, including a review of the report’s findings from the 2016 STEP data year and trend comparisons over the previous five years using ABC’s STEP program data.

Learn how the implementation of specific leading indicators can significantly improve your safety program, as well as how to use the report to promote ABC members’ exceptional performance. See a correlation of data from companies that have advanced through the STEP process and what their priorities were to achieve world-class safety. Learning objectives:

  • Understand the effect your ability to lead really has on safety performance
  • See how your company can be 720 percent safer than the industry average
  • Discover the one best practice that could reduce your TRIR by 93 percent

Who Needs to Plan For Succession?—Everybody!–Clayton Bland, CliftonLarsonAllen, looks at how construction companies are often family-owned and operated for generations, with the company being the family’s most significant asset.

How can you begin the conversation about ownership succession and exit strategies? Do you have a plan in place for transitioning from wealth accumulation to conversion, income generation, and distribution or legacy? How do you prepare the enterprise to maximize its value on conversion?

Attend this session to hear a wealth advisor discuss initiating the difficult conversation about exit strategies and the consequences of the failure to plan.

The Millenials are the Leaders of Tomorrow—Get Used to it!– Bob Sniegowski and Andy Headding, CliftonLarsonAllen, ask, “What is your organization doing to develop its next generation of leaders? What is your succession strategy? How long can you kick that can down the road?”

The pace of baby boomer retirements will only continue to increase the demand for new leaders. Attend this session to learn how a baby boomer and a millennial are not just co-existing, but collaborating to each realize their dreams for the future.

What Benchmarked Trade Data Can Reveal About Your Company–Aaron Falk and Kevin Jacobs, Moss Adams, discuss what benchmarking reveals about your company. Walk away with KPIs most relevant to contractors and those evaluating contractors; including those related to liquidity, profitability, leverage, efficiency, and productivity. You will learn how this data impacts your operations and overall company.

The War for Talent Continues!–Bryan May, BirdDogHR, discusses the recent AGC of America 2017 Construction Hiring and Business Outlook report, which notes that 73 percent of contractors look to add people this year. Contractors say they are investing in learning and development technology solutions to close the gap and further develop and retain talented people within their organizations. Learn the actionable strategies you need to compete.

Turning AP into a Profit Center–Matt Butler, Comdata, describes the benefits of implementing virtual payment cards into your Accounts Payable process.

Importing and Receiving POs and Invoices Electronically–Steve Bowman and Richard Carney, Material Management, show you how two products: Order Confirmation and Invoice Confirmation connect you to your suppliers electronically. When your supplier enters an order into their system you receive an electronic copy that will import into Spectrum. You can then perform the same task that you do now in “One Step Receiving,” but you receive the invoice electronically from your supplier along with the Invoice Image and can accept both with a minimum of entry on your part. Imagine the time savings. You can continue to enjoy all of the features available in Spectrum and the system will integrate with Document Imaging minimizing the need to scan in a copy of the invoice as well. Material Management combines the image of the invoice with the information so that you can process and route the entire invoice quickly and efficiently.

How to Leverage Credit Card Acceptance to Grow Your Business–Ryan Rybolt, Infintech, a leader in smart payment processing solutions, discusses how, with the right technology and business processes in place; accepting credit cards will help you win more bids, increase cash flow, and create a better user experience.

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